Sidewinder Pro and Star Wars Squadrons on PC

Can I use an old Microsoft Sidewinder Pro with the new Star Wars Squadrons game?

Look at that beauty. That's the gaming connection from an old sound card that. I bought this a long time ago in a town far, far away, possibly in the days when your Soundblaster 16 had an internal connector for a CD-ROM to turn your computer into a state of the art multimedia PC.

Am I able to use an old Sidewinder Pro I just remembered is in the loft with Star Wars Squadrons instead of spending over £100 on a flight stick was what I found myself Googling while the game was downloading. Since I didn't find an answer, this is a quick note to say yes I am.

The one part that made me think twice was when I toggled VR mode and was asked to press button 11 to reset my VR view, then couldn't proceed until I did. There are only 9 buttons on the Sidewinder.

However, it turned out that this was easily remedied by groping around blindly for my x-box controller that was also plugged into the PC at the time and mashing buttons on that. The dialogue suddenly told me to press a button on that controller instead and when that was done, I could switch back to the Sidewinder again just by waggling it.

So now we know.

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